Ann Van Hoey BE



With a keen eye for the geometric properties of shapes, Ann Van Hoey uses the three-dimensional world to explore bold encounters between the circle and the square, the triangle, the straight line and the point, taking care to reconcile their divergences.

Ever since visiting Japan, the ceramist has been inspired by origami and applies this technique to sheets of clay, thus ensuring fluidity, sobriety and deliberate minimalism of design in her creations. Without the slightest decoration, glazing, enamel or varnish, Ann Van Hoey's work celebrates purity of form above all else. This purity, reinforced by the delicate cut of the clay, highlights the importance of a refined edge which inevitably contributes to the work's final appearance. Here we see the influence of the famous Australian ceramist Victor Greenaway, with whom she followed a creation workshop. The starting point for this installation is the hemisphere, taken from the circle.

Materials: ceramics

O.o Invited@Rivoli Brussels
Saturday 17th March - Saturday 5th May 2018
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